Robin Jehan (also known as Loy) de-weeding some of my many accent plants


Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Iris cristat

Iris cristata

Hosta blue mouse ears

Hosta blue mouse ears

Davalia.  copy




Clemitis 'Hythe-Egret' seed heads.  copy

Clemitis ‘Hythe-Egret’ seed heads

Campanula punctata Nana Alba.  copy

Campanula punctata Nana Alba

Campanula Pulla.  copy

Campanula Pulla

Campanula pulla 1.  copy

Campanula pulla



Anemonella t 'Oscar Schoaff'.S

Anemonella t ‘Oscar Schoaff’

Anemonella t 'Betty Blake'.S

Anemonella t ‘Betty Blake’

Allium Thunbergii 'Osaka'

Allium Thunbergii ‘Osaka’

Acicula montana

Aciphylla montana

cactus accent

Cactus ‘rebutia’ species


Iris gracilepes


Limonium minutae and oxalis


16 responses

30 07 2009
Robin Jehan

Hi Dan,

At last the old ‘Bugger’, has got his act together and has a website! Its great news and I’m sure we will all be thrilled at the content.

I wish him well with this new project, and I certainly will be a frequent visitor to this site.

Many congratulations,


31 07 2009

I am indebted to Robin Jehan (sometimes known as “Loy”) for allowing me to post a number of his accent plants on this page

2 08 2009
Wolfgang Putz

Hi friends,
on my web site you can find some more accents …….
Greetings from Austria!

6 08 2009
Graham Walker

Great website, with very good photography
Tha cactus species is a ‘Rebutia’
Keep on potting

Graham Walker
Secretary-Tees Valley B.S.

7 08 2009
Chrissie Leigh-Walker

Hi Dan,
Fabulous website it was really refreshing to look through, Thank you for your time over the years to inspire us all.
Chrissie Leigh-Walker.

9 08 2009
Dale Cochoy

Your photos are beautiful!
I love that white crackle glaze.

10 08 2009
Andy "Stone Monkey" Pearson


Fantastic Dan, what a breath of fresh air your website is. Many thanks for showing and inspiring us all



23 08 2009
Julie Regenbogen

Hi Dan,

Loved it, especially the Chaenomeles variety. This makes me want to make another trip to Failand.

Lots of love,

Cousin Julie from Germany

30 12 2009
Ed. Smith

Until this morning I had not toured your website. What a way to start a day !
Thank you for all the eye pleasing beauty, a true joy to the soul.

30 12 2009
Lynn Fabian

Dan, We were students of Jean C. Smith for 10 years and miss her every day. We still spend ‘Mondays with Ed’ at their house, working on the collection and just being. Ed is a wonderful person and working to keep himself present in the world.

I am a Master Gardener for our local Extension Office and publish our newsletter. Permission is requested to show 2-4 of the accent plant pictures in the NL with a link back to the site. We are always trying to educate the non-bonsai community and this would be a wonderful side light for some of our avid container gardener friends.

I can credit the pictures any way you prefer.

Thank you for sharing.

Lynn Fabian

30 12 2009

Many thanks Lynn for your kind comments, and yes, Ed Smith is indeed a wonderful guy and I have many happy memories of him and of course of Jean who took such good care of me on all of my trips to Florida. Yes, of course you may post some of my images in NL. Credit as you see fit. Cheers, Dan

ps If your NL is online is it possible to send me the URL!

4 07 2010
Rick Dodds

Hi Dan
Your website is impressive. The content is expanding regularly and is very thearputic to browse. Viv likes it too. Keep itmoving. Rick Dodds

10 11 2010
Susie Bloom

Hi Dan,

The Iris and their accentpots are especially lovely!

10 11 2010
Rodney and Charlie Clemons

Dan– Feels like it’s been a million years since I last saw you in England. Ed Smith sent us information about your new project. We would love to be apart of anything that you are involved with. Early 2011 we are going to have our trees photographed and will get in touch. Your web-site is beautiful ( of course ), we are setting ours up soon and man …… you have set the “bar” high. Rodney and Charlie

5 03 2011
Antonio Ricchiari

Hi Dan,
Antonio Ricchiari, Instructor I.B.S., Italy

23 05 2011
Phyl Barton

Nice One Pops!

Very impressive Website.

Much Love as Always Phyl xx

Ps The Genes are with ME!!!

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