accent plants page 2

Hosta.  copy

Not one of my pots but a lovely accent orchid variety

Not one of my pots but a lovely accent orchid variety

Ledebouria socialis.  copy

Ledebouria socialis.

Isotoma "Fairy Footsteps'.  copy

Isotoma "Fairy Footsteps'

Lithops.  copyOxalis depressa 1.  copyPersicarea alata.  copyquince-MAR'07.SAstilbe simplicifolia 'Sprite'.UNKNOWN Accent.S_DSF0507.SLEWISIA Var.S_DSF0086.01_DSF0090.01Rinchospora colorata.Saccentiris.03 copy
H.pandora's box
Eucomis 'Octopus'.S.
Rhodohypoxis Apple Blossom.
L-of-the-valley.01 copy
DSCN0623..S copy 2
Rhodohypoxis sarniensis


8 responses

12 08 2009

Once again I am indebted to Robin Jehan and Wofgang Putz who have allowed me to post some of their accent plants (potted in mine or Cecilia’s or Phyl’s pots). There are of course a number of my own accents too. This acknowledgement applies too, to future pages of Accent Plants. Enjoy!

Watch this space!

21 03 2010
Cecilia Humphrey

Dear Uncle Dan,

I am not sure this is the best way to contact you, however, I came across it while looking for our address online, started reading articles and interviews about you, your pottery and thoughts on bonsai, and ended up here.

I am your niece, Cecilia, Audrey’s daughter and I will be in England the last week of April/first week of May for my step-son’s wedding on May 1st. I would love the opportunity to come say hello to you and Auntie Cecilia in that first week of May sometime if possible. This would also give me the chance to introduce you to my husband, Leslie, who was born and raised in England, but has lived most of his life here in Canada. I was in England in 2007, but unfortunately did not get the chance to come to Bristol then, much to my mother’s disappointment.

I know you must be very busy but if you think this would be possible for us to stop by and see you for a cup of tea or wine etc. on May 2nd, 3rd or 4th, I would love to meet you and Auntie C.

My email is I will try to get your phone number from my mum in the mean time, and will give you a call sometime soon.

Cecilia Humphrey

8 05 2010
les and jola

Hi dan, can u tell us where we can buy iris gracilipes in the uk? we have it but given by a friend and would like to buy more, love everything u do

23 09 2010
Big Britt Almström, Sweden

Dear Dan, i am sure that you already have given the right answer to les and jola. Just would recommend them to look in RHS “Plantfinder 2010”. A real goldmine for finding plants in UK. Regards from Sweden

29 01 2011

is it true that the most your accents are only virtuals?

29 01 2011

How totally absurd! All of the accent plants on this site have been created by me or my two friends: Robin Jehan and Wolfgang Putz, none of them is “virtual”.

8 02 2011

By “virtual” i meant a picture of a plant edited over a picture of one of your pots.I tought so ,because of some black screens in the background.Sorry if i was insulting you.Your work is great ,i love it.

8 02 2011

All of the accent plants have been grown in the pots they’re being displayed in….. some of the backgrounds have been blackened in Photoshop

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