accent plants page 3

Ophiopogon p. Nigrescens.Leptinella atrata luteola.Allium virgunculae.Chaenomeles 'Lob Loy'.  copy copySaxifraga f. Mount Nachi.Viola hederacea Blue.Oxalis polyphylla heptaphylla.frog pot.2.SSoldanella.SDSCF1123.SRhodohypoxis Pinkeen.SDSCN3968.SPratia treadwellii.SScilla lutea.SRosularia pallidaRhodohypoxis StellaSempervivum arachnoideumRhodohypoxis RuthRhodohypoxis Fred BroomeSempervivum sp.Sempervivum spec.Rhodohypoxis DouglasRhodohypoxis baurii X Hypoxis parvulaLewisia spec.Houttuynia cordataHosta White ChristmasHosta Remember MeHosta MedusaHosta CameoAstilbe crispula PerkeoAceriphyllum rossii

Most of the accent plants on this page have been grown by my good friend Wolfgang (Wolfie) Putz from Austria and planted in our pots.  He has collected our pots over a period of years.  Thanks Wolfie for letting me post these pictures.

Incidentally, if anyone has any good photographs of accent plants that have been planted in our pots and would like to loan them to me for posting on this site then please leave a comment in the box below and I’ll get back to you.


4 responses

27 08 2009
Wolfgang Putz

Glad you like my accent plants, Dan! :o)
I love your accent pots!
Thanks! Wolfie

28 08 2009
Wolfgang Putz

Much more accent plants you can see here:

23 09 2010
Big Britt Almström, Sweden

Love your pots, arrangements and your photos! They are just gorgeous, masterly! Big

23 09 2010

Many thanks Big for your very kind comments…… much appreciated. Dan

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