accent plants page 9



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20 07 2011
Robin Jehan

Hi Dan,

I wish my Hostas looked as good as Wolfie’s, no burnt leaves, or slug / snail damage, he must have a secret he’s not sharing!
The pots are also marvellous, I just love the last one on this page, I’m jealous!

Kindest regards,

21 07 2011

I don´t have a secret, Robin.
You have to kill all the snails in your garden.

Ci´s & Dan´s pots are AMAZING! :o)

Have a good time!

19 10 2012
David Gehrs

These are the most incredible accent plants I’ve ever seen, both the plants and pots are excellent. Some of the plants I know are challenging to grow, do you have any tips?

19 10 2012

Thank you for your kind comments about the accent plants/pots on page 9 of my website. The important thing in growing accent plants successfully is to make sure the compost is free-draining, ad that there is good ventilation and ample light. Water sparingly but never allow the plants to dry out, and for half-hardy species provide winter protection in a greenhouse or poly tunnel.

23 10 2012
David Gehrs

Thanks for the information.

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