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24 10 2011
Eduardo Goncalves

Dear Dan,

I am a bonsai (and ceramics) enthusiast from Brazil and I am amazed by all your pots. However, I am simply in love by the pots with the ‘melted’ aspect with small and irregular holes like it was made by bubbles getting out of the clay. Could you tell me which technique you used? The third pot (down to up) in this page have this incredible aspect.

Very best wishes,

Eduardo Goncalves.

24 10 2011

Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for your kind comments….. much appreciated. I very much regret that it has always been my policy to maintain secrecy regarding the glazing techniques I use on my pots as some have taken more than 20 years to perfect as a result of numerous experiments and tests.

14 04 2013
Anthea Golding

Hi Dan,
I’ve mislaid your card which you gave me at Pete’s funeral, can’t find your e.mail address so this is an attempt to get in touch with you and C!!
Kindest regards, Anthea

12 04 2018

Hi Anthea, I haven’t done anything on this site for yonks which is why I’ve only just spotted your comment. I don’t like posting my email address here but if you give me a call, I’ll let you have it. My number is in the book. We now live in Failand.

17 04 2013
Joe Grande

Hi Dan, I would like your permission to use photos of your pots in an article on Wabi Sabi in BCI Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Magazine. I can send you a proof if you reply with your email address.

Best regards from Canada.
Joe Grande, editor

27 05 2014
Bel Chuva


21 06 2014
Fernanda Toledo Bailey

Oh my gosh! Why I did not look at this magnificent accents pots before!

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