accent plants page 4

Hypsela reniformis.S
Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'.S

Campanula pulla.S
Hosta sp.S
Calceolaria Chelinonoides.S
Allium sikkimense.S
Allium flavum flavum minus.S
Hosta 2.S
Rhodohypoxis 25.S
x Rhodoxis 14 flowers.S
Limonium bellidifolium.S

x Rhodoxis 7.
Limonium minutae.
Rhynchospora colorata.

x Rhodoxis 19.
Rhodohypoxis 21a.
Rhodohypxis 5b.
Rhodohypoxis sarniensis.
Saxifraga f.'Mount Nachi'.
Thalictrum kiusianum 1.
Lewisia pygmaea.
Allium thunbergii 'Osawa'.
Oxalis versicolor.
Oxalis massoniana B.
Oxalis massoniana A.
Saxifraga f. 'Mount Nachi'.


4 responses

11 09 2009
Dave Martin

The photo of the Dichromena colorata “Star Grass” is lovely. I managed to get hold of 2 plants of this this year, after a 2 year search which included contacting a firm in Scotland!!
I plan to plant it in your gold/red flying saucer next year.

15 09 2009
Robin Jehan

A tip for growing ‘White Star Grass’ is that it needs heat to get it going in the UK. I keep it in the conservatory until either mid June, or when they are really moving well. Then you can move them outdoors for the rest of the year.
You can divide in the spring, but wait till they are growing for best results.
Don’t forget PLENTY PLENTY water!!


23 09 2010
Big Britt Almström, Sweden

Could I have the botanical name of White Star Grass, please Big A.

23 09 2010

‘Dichromena colorata’ I believe is the most commonly used botanical name for this plant

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