accent pots page


This is the standard set up I use to photograph most of my pots, accent plants and bonsai that are not too big.


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25 05 2012

Great accent pots, Dan!
I especially love this one:
Enjoy the weekend!

25 05 2012

Yes, I agree, that is a very nice pot and soon sold!!! But watch this space, many more accent pots will be posted in the next few weeks.
Cheers, Dan

27 06 2012
Jose Acuña

Congratulations for your work, some wonderful pots
Are they for sale? I am interested in buying some.

16 07 2012
Robin Jehan

I have just found this page, and I have to say Wolfie has great taste, I loved that pot too, along with

Mind there’s nothing wrong with all the rest, what a wonderful display of ‘art’, Dan you, Cecelia and Phyl should be extremely proud of all this work, what a wonderful display,

Thanks for sharing, Loy.

16 07 2012

Thanks Loy….. very much appreciated, Dan

10 08 2012

Bloody beautiful!

10 08 2012

Thanks Andy — much appreciated, dan

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