POT.03 copy.S
_DSF0161 copy.S
POT.13 copy.S
DSCN3509 copy.S
Ice Floe Suiban.S
SUIBAN.SMost of my regular bonsai pots have this seal on their base.  I also, often inscribe a short message or haiku poe as well to personalise each pot.

This is a new page as I inadvertently deleted the original page

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9 08 2009

Due to problems I have been experiencing with the captions distorting the layout of the page I’ve decided to delete them all. Maybe as I become a little more ‘au fait’ with the mechanics of this site I may re-caption!!!

This is a new page as I inadvertently deleted the original page and I can’t remember what pots I published so I’ll have to start all over again… sorry about that, but do keep checking in as I will be updating the pages on a very regular basis.

Virtually all of my pots are made using the ‘coiling’ technique and every pot is guaranteed different. The pots are fired to stoneware temperature (1265 degrees Centigrade) so are entirely frost proof. Although they may look similar in size in the photographs above, they are all very different. I especially enjoy making pots for specific trees so new commissions are always considered.

Most of the glazes used on the pots are the result of many years of trial and error tests and although I am usually more than happy to share all of my knowledge and experiences with everyone I do draw the line with my glaze recipes and the many different techniques I use to apply the glazes to the pots.

27 09 2009
Joanie Berkwitz

Hi Dan! I am writing an article on bonsai pots for Golden Statements magazine ( and would like permission to link to your site and use two of your photos. Please contact me. Thank you!

27 09 2009

Hi Joanie, That’s fine. Thanks for requesting permission and good luck with your article.

6 07 2010
Frank Cucchiara

Hi Dan

Great looking pot’s !!
I am in need of a pot for one of my bonsai and would like for you to make one for me.
Please contact me when you have the time. Thanks

28 11 2010
Hans Joergen Nielsen Bonsai vaerkstedet Denmark

Hi Dan
I Need your permission to use photos from your site, i´m building a new web page, look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Best Regard
Hans Joergen Nielsen
Bonsai Vaerkstedet Denmark

14 12 2010

Traduzione da Italiano verso Inglese
Hi Dan
First, your pots are very beautiful, congratulations for your excellent work.
I would like to commission a pot for my plant.
I like a form and a glaze similar to pot dscn3490 code on page 3.
Size: 26x20x4, 5 cm.
Please contact me for information on the cost of the vessel and shipping to Italy.
Thank you very much.

10 01 2011

Hi Dan . I am not sure you have received a precednt email. I write you from Pistoia , Tuscany. I am a raku ceramist ( just as an hobby but now are 7 years) and now I start with bonsai .Why ? A friend of mine give me like a present an OLEA TREE BONSAI ( HERE IN TUSCANY YOU KNOW THERE ARE A LOT OF OLEA) .And so has start this new , like a neophita, interest.
questions and dubts: may I build a bonsai pot in a raku way? searching on the web I found your beatifull pots and sometimes they give me the impression they are built in raku way. I would like an idea from you and what do you think about this project. My kiln , electric kin and gas kiln are for 1000. degree or little more . thanks for all that you could give me from your experience. Marco Lucherini :

11 01 2011

Raku pots are not suitable for bonsai because they are not frost-proof and would likely crack if frozen.

14 03 2011
Ken freed

Do you have pictures of pots currently for sale? I have a need for several pot.

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