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This is the result I came up with — a very large pot that used up the best part of a 12.5kgm bag of clay. Fun to make but hellishly difficult. The ‘blue’ drip was specially requested by Colin the reflect the blue of the foliage. Blue blood? — must be a royal tree.
Close up of the ‘break’ with the blue blood!
This is the final result — tree and pot together — a truly 'royal' coupling — check out the blue blood.

This is the final result — tree and pot together — a truly ‘royal’ coupling — check out the blue blood.

Some recently commissioned pots

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29 11 2011

The above pots were all recently commissioned by bonsai enthusiasts around the world. Although the blue ‘basket’ pot above is the only pot that shows the clay ‘coils’ it was made from, all of the other pots were also made from similar coils, but they have been merged together. This is my usual working technique. Only on very rare occasions do I work from ‘slabs’. Though having said this, I do use rolled out slabs for the bases of each pot.

Also, The yellow pot is the last pot of this size that will be made in this colour as I have almost run out of this glaze and some of the raw materials that I made the glaze from are no longer available. Great pity, as I really like the “in your face” quality of the glaze. I do have other yellow glazes but none are quite as strident. I was very reluctant to part with this pot but the enthusiast in America that commissioned it, is, as ‘in love’ with the pot as I am — so that’s good! I look forward to seeing what tree he plants in it.

23 05 2012

I’m not sure what’s happened to the yellow pot but it seems to have disappeared from this page!!!

2 12 2011

Glad to have the last 3 posted pots in my collection! :o)

11 12 2011
Mark Leija

And the yellow one is” in my face” everyday now! Didn’t think you were gonna part with it either and held my breath until the pots were in my hands. Fantastic pots! Thanks from me too Dan!!


16 09 2012

Hi dan, got to say your pots are out of this world
I love the quirky uniqueness of them
I should imagine your a very busy man but I was wondering what the chances are of commissioning a couple of pots for 2 very special itoigawas I have. Both trees were recently purchased of Steve tolley and are work in progress at the moment but was planning on repotting both in the spring. I was considering entering one of them into the best of British next hoping to have a couple of days with Steve styling it.
I can mail photos of the junipers if you wish
Many thanks

17 09 2012

Hi Chris,

Glad to hear from you. Yes, I’d be happy to make pots for your two junipers. Please send photos of them and dimensions and also the dimensions for the pots.

I also need your full postal address, postcode and telephone number.

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