bonsai pots page 2

DSCN3254 copy.S
DSCN2326 copy.S
DSCN2073 copy.S
DSCN2324 copy.S
DSCN2215 copy.S

DSCN2154 copy.S
foot detail copy.S
DSCN2152 copy.S
DSCN0711 copy.S
Ochre "bomb" pot
Island pot

01 copy
Me & Butt.S
_DSF0171 copy
_DSF0170 copyI have declined to add captions to this page as they appear to distort the image layout

10 responses

11 08 2009

I have declined to add captions to the images on this page to see whether it will improve the layout.

11 08 2009
Robin Jehan


24 08 2009
Rob from Taiko-Earth

You are a master and inpiration!

Your pots are a great display of form, technique, color and vision.

28 02 2010
Wayne Davis

Hi Dan, Great site,i would like to commission a pot like number 9 on page 2 ,code DSN22515 copy s,size 30x 6.5 cm
Regards Wayne

30 04 2013

Good morning Dan,
Such a special feeling toward your bonsai pots !
I am planning to order one for a large goyomatsu ( to be repotted in two years time ) . If you agree in principle , knowing that it will have to be shipped to Switzerland, I will mail a picture of the bonsai which is now sittng in a training pot and two pictures of your bonsai pots as shown on your web site as an example .
My best regards,


11 05 2013

I did reply to your query and requested a picture of the tree and the dimensions. Cheers, Dan

11 05 2013

Hi Dan , I probably missed it ! Anyway I am attaching a picture of the tree in its training pot, its dimensions , forget the “virtual” pot , it was a trial . Don’t you think a round pot would be preferable ? In this case I attach a picture of two of you pots I specially like . As far as the size of the pot is concerned , I was thinking of a diameter of 60cm and an inside depth of 22cm , the training pot is 30cm deep , but in two years time I hope it will have developped more fine roots on the upper side of the mass so I will be able to trim more underneath. Does my goyomatsu inspire you ?

My best regards,

Flore ( I am not a cat but a human female )

31 03 2014
Chris Scott

Good day Dan!!
I am a student of Colin Lewis’ and ever since I saw the pot you made for his spruce, I have wanted one of your pots. I have a Japanese maple grouping that I need a pot for and was hoping you could make me a pot like the one on “Bonsai pot Page 2” third pot from the top. The pot would have to be roughly 52x38x10. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


7 06 2014
Fernanda Toledo Bailey

Dear Dan,

I really love the 22sec from the top picture pot of “Bonsai Pot page 2”. Any measure suits me as I have a lots of tree. I really really really love that pot. Please let me know.

Thanks again,

16 06 2014

congratulation for your fantastic pot, how can i contact you to buy? tanks you

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