bonsai pots page 3


pius tree.S

Probably the most difficult coiled pot I've made to date..... sold to Pius Notter

DSCN2550.SFROG POT.2.SDSCN0435.SDSCN0491.SPot made for my windswept style spruce bonsai (still being developed)

Pot made for my windswept style spruce bonsai (still being developed)


Same as the pot above with added 'accessories' to create strata after potting up tree

Same as the pot above with added ‘accessories’ to create strata after potting up tree

P-25-7X5.SP-20-7X5.SP-18-7X5.SP-17-7X5.SDSCN3501.Slily pot copy1636.11625.1POT.20.SPOT.28.S copyPOT.42.SPOT.29.SPOT.08.S

6 responses

30 10 2009
Gwen Potter

Hi Dan have admired your pots for some time and the new website showcases them perfectly but can we only purchse from shows? I can find no information on the site to allow identification of individual pots or how to purchase them.

Best regards … Gwen Potter (friend of Steve Tolley)

30 10 2009

Hi Gwen,

Thanks for your kind comments. Most of the pots we make are sold from my home and occasionally from shows . We always have a large selection of accent pots available but most of the bonsai pots are made to commission for specific trees. Occasionally when time is available I can indulge myself in making some speculative pots but these don’t hang around for long. All of our pots are guaranteed to be different and each is treated as an art work in its own right. If there is any particular bonsai pot on my website that takes your fancy drag it onto your computer desktop then email it to me as an attachment and I may be able to do something similar for you. But for the present I have no immediate plans to sell from the website which is a window to show off some of the things I do. You know….. it’s an ego tripping thing!!!

3 11 2011
andrea meriggioli

Dear Dan, how are you all ok?
I’m writing to you because have noumerous my prunus mahaleb wich must repotting next spring for change the substrate. Now I belive of put them don’t in a plastic pot but in a good pot, for a good view.
So have you available some economich you pot (with some difect or other) that you can make to me a good price?
The tree are about 7 and if you want I can send to you photos.
Tell me about,


18 11 2012
Ben Griffin

Hey Dan your pots are amazing, would like to purchase several from you. Please send me an email when you have a minute and i’ll send you pictures of the pots I liked and the sizes i’d need.


26 03 2013

Hi Dan

Many beautiful pots on your website, too many to choose from. Can you let me know how I can find out prices and order from you.


13 06 2013
eric schikowski

Beautiful pots Dan!
Interested in commissioning one, Page 3, 7th from bottom.
Please reply for details etc.

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