DSCF1846(4x3) copy
DSCF0352.13 copy
DSCF0350.11 copy
DSCF0349.10 copy
DSCF0348.09 copy
DSCF0347.08 copy
DSCF0346.07 copy
DSCF0345.06 copy
DSCF0343.04 copy
DSCF0342.03 copy
DSCF0341.02 copy
DSCF0340.01 copyA very free-form shohin pot that I have kept for myself.  Very spontaneous movement in the design.

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10 08 2009

This is an additional page to the regular bonsai pot page where I will post some of my rarely made shohin pots.

Making small pots is very fiddly and time-consuming and often much more difficult than making the bigger bonsai pots which is why I don’t make many.

4 11 2009
Bonsai Vaerkstedet Denmark

Hej Dan
Great new site you have now, I have to arsk you about some pots for my trees, is it possible for you to sent me your phone number, look forward to hear from you
In Full Regards form
Bonsai Vaerkstedet
Hans Joergen Nielsen
+ 45 25 60 10 77

12 11 2009
Robin Jehan

Hi Dan,

What a great little pot you’ve just made for my little cork bark Black pine, I only hope the tree can do it justice.

How do you manage to keep coming up with these new pots?
Keep it up, you’re doing a fine job, now what else do I need a pot for?

Cheers Mate,


20 01 2010

Your work is fantastic! I’m truly amazed at the originality and attention to detail each pot receives…I hope someday I’ll be able to create some Bonsai worthy of them 🙂

24 04 2010

Hello, Dan!
Your pots impressed me much. Is it possible to buy some? I’d like to discuss the purchase, is it possible?

18 07 2010
Pedro Almeida

Hi Dan,

I am a long-time fan of your work and I may finally have a tree worthy of one of your pots. It’s a ‘kifu’ sized (11 inches high to be precise) cork bark Japanese black pine with a powerful nebari and a fat trunk (no apparent reversed taper!). Please drop me a line if you’d like to have a look at some photos of the tree to assess whether you are interested in making a pot for it. Thanks!


11 08 2010
Justine Keller

Hi Dan:
I saw your pot in Golden Statements, Vol. XXXII, No. 6, November/December, 2009, page 17. I love your pots!!
Great article,
Justine Keller

9 04 2011

Hey Dan,
You have the most amazing pots I have ever seen! I’m quite in awe of more than a few of them. And your glazes are beautiful. Is it possible to purchase some of your pots?
I look forward to seeing more of your work soon.

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