Poems (of old) and Haiku page 4



Yamadori — 2010

Poem written in January 1974

This poem was written in 1973 for a friend of mine who had recently given birth to a baby boy and who was having a few sleepless nights!!!

The 1st of a series of “Photo-poems” written in1973 when life was pretty dark

The poem below was written in February 1974 (The Year of the Tiger) when I was 36 years old. It was another of the poems written in the ‘dark years’.  Committing my anxieties into poems was a good way for me to escape from my depression…..a therapy I strongly recommend.

The Year of the Tiger

Pensive movement; paced oscillations
My mind aspin
My freedom to win — this year
The Year of the Tiger.
Scorching heart ablaze,
Pulsating in this maze;
This cage — all around me — imprisoned
Would I be free,
In mergence with the jungle bamboo
Afar away from the human zoo
The Tiger is as one with light
Free as a shadow
Free from sight — of all,
Yet sighting all around him — a Ghost,
Alive only to himself;
Watching with cool surveillance — his kingdom.
Majestic calm,
Only the drone of the Tse-tse
Else, all else would be silent.
And yet, arace is my heart, apace is my heart
In search for freedom from this cage
I was born into,
In this the year of the tiger
Three Tigers have entered my life — since birth
Their stripes astrangling what girth
That is left of me
Oh, to be free.
To be free to flee this tangle so set,
In this the Year of the Tiger
In mergence with the jungle bamboo
Afar away from the human zoo
I too must find the space — between the stripes
Like the Tiger in tropic balm
And then only
Will there be a calm — in my life
With peace and tranquility
In this the Year of the Tiger


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31 03 2010
luke your grandson


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