Robin's charming little trident maple in a 'lava' effect oval pot

Robin Jehan’s clump style hornbeam.

Robin Jehan’s cotoneaster copse in an early primitive coiled pot

Robin’s korean hornbeam in its winter image

Robin Jehan’s Korean hornbeam

Robin Jehan’s black pine in a ‘bastard’ crescent pot

Ian Warhurst’s driftwood style yew… soon to be repotted into a larger pot

Mike Bennett’s privet bonsai in a primitive pot with an unusual glaze

Clive Bennett’s spruce raft in a ‘landscape’ pot

Clive Bennett’s Chinese juniper in training in an extreme primitive pot

Clive Bennett’s white pine in training in a recently made ‘primitive’ pot with random studs

2 responses

7 12 2009

This page has been created to show how some of the pots I’ve sold over the years have been used by other bonsai artists. I would be very grateful if anyone with trees in pots made by me would be kind enough to send me a photograph of the tree against a plain background so that I can post it on this page or one of the succeeding pages. If you prefer to have your name excluded please instruct me accordingly.

To contact me — leave a message in the ‘comment’ box below and it will get through to my email INBOX. Many thanks in advance.

19 01 2010

Hi there Dan

first up let me say that your pots are beautiful – I’m very much a novice and it’s amazing to see how important the pot is to the overall look of the bonsai.

Secondly I have a quick question – I’m visiting Guernsey this weekend to see friends so I thought I’d google to see if there was much bonsai action there – anyway I found this post. It’s seems as if Mr Jehan has quite the collection and was wondering how to contact him to see if I might have a peak at some of his trees – a little random and perhaps out of the blue but as they say if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Perhaps you could forward this message to him – my email is grumblemouse@gmail.com

thanks and no problem if this is not something you can do



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