29 07 2009

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You can find out a little more about me and my views on contemporary bonsai and bonsai pottery if you click on the URL below: http://artofbonsai.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2200 NB. If anyone needs to contact me, leave a message in any of the “Comment” boxes at the bottom of each page and your message will be sent to my email address. Dan All of the Images and the text on this site is the copyright of Dan Barton © 2009 and must not be reproduced without his permission. Dan is very generous in giving permission so please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can do this by leaving an appropriate message/request in any of the ‘comments’ boxes at the bottom of each page.



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5 08 2009
Pat Sharp

Dear Cousin Dan:
Congratulations! You grow beautiful plants; you create lovely bonsai dishes; your bonsai drawing is real neat; you can make websites . . . what else do you do?!

I don’t achieve much, except maybe I hula 1-2 hrs. four times a week, do difficult New York Times Crosswords and stuff my face four times a day – ing to stay ahead of the game
Love, Pat

5 08 2009

Thanks Cousin Pat…. your comments are much appreciated. Love Dan xx

3 10 2009
the other terrible twin

Hi Dan,
Like your website, it’s so neat, a great inspiration. Just love to look at it.
When I close my eyes I can still recall what else you can do(Pat’s remark)
You can lay still, flat on your back on the ground (in Bath, market square) while some “mad man” put a silly hat on your head and some ballons at your trousers(where I do not dare to say) and trying to cycle, on a one wheeler to “snap the balls/ballons out!! THAT WAS A SIGHT, a scay moment, I’ll tell you. We all from SBS, love you and will always remeber the good time. (I’ll try to find the pic. from this great moment). If not, you have to picture it in your head!! Love Monica M.

6 08 2009
paul bowerbank

What a good, clear web site & I enjoyed the link to Julians web site….Well done everrything worked verry well.
I will pass on your web details at the next meeting of Swindon & District Bonsai Society

6 08 2009

Dear Dan,

Very good loking website. Love the pots, the bonsais and the accent plants – in fact, everything!
I have made a comment about this on the Swedish Bonsai Club´s website. Hope the new Board now will add the address to our links.

LOVE to you both!

6 08 2009
Dave Martin

Congratulations Dan,
Love the site and the pictures of the accents!

Have passed the site address onto the rest of the Phoenix ‘boys’ and I know that they will also offer their congrats and best wishes to you for this venture.

7 08 2009
Doug Jardine

Hi Dan,

A wonderful site. The bonsai pots are stunning. And, what gorgeous photographs by your son: each image has captured not _a_ precise moment, but _the_ precise moment.

You’ve come a long way (as have I) since our school days in Chertsey.

My best wishes to you and yours.


7 08 2009
Faisal Waheedy

Hi Dan,

What a beautiful website. Full of information, links and beautiful pictures of pots and trees. One of the best bonsai websites I’ve ever seen.




7 08 2009
Louise Leister

Dan great site! Beautiful pots! Your site is a real work of art, but that is no surprise!
Thanks for sharing!

11 08 2009
Steven Tolley

Hi Boss
The new website is excellent as I would expect. About time you had somewhere to showcase your talent. No signs of slowing up then??
Love to you both.

20 08 2009
Tony Tickle

Dan… how many years have you been promising to have a website… and now its here… worth the wait.

29 10 2010
Joe B. Day

would love to send pic’s of bonsai to your new site when it’s available. The bonsai you saw in you yard 25 years ago are now looking very good. Almost all 150 plus are from seed, cuttings, collecting. Wish you were still coming this way at times to the southern gulf coast of the USA.

4 12 2010
Volker Lux

Dear Dan, I wrote you a long time a mail. unfortunately I deleted your answer mail. I would buy for my brother-in-law few pots of you. I have pictures which I can sent to you. you can then say i have or have not.
many regards from Bavaria Volker

5 12 2010
Darrell S.

Hello Dan,

Just wanted you to know that I tresure the two small pots you were able to sell to me last year! I would love to add to that. Would it be possible to work out a purchase of a few more of your shohin sized pots? I know it was probably a lot more work for you but I would really appreciate the opportunity to continue this small partnership. Please let me know at your convenience. I have been reviewing your “Illustrative guide to Bonsai” and have learned so much in such a short time from your vast experience with small trees. Thank you, Darrell

5 12 2010
Julie Regenbogen

Hi Dan,

After reading all the positive comments of your avid “fans” and admirers, there is really nothing more I can add except that your photograph is gorgeous (Julian?) and you look so much like Sean Connery.

Hope I haven’t offended you.


Cousin Julie from Germany

10 04 2011
Lee Beardsley

Hi there Dan its Lee we met at the Best of British and had a conversation about aesthetics could you please get in touch regarding our conversation.
Regards Lee

18 04 2011

Send me your phone number lee.

19 07 2011
Peter Bruyns

Hi Dan
I am a bonsai artist from Cape Town South Africa and will be visiting and touring in the UK during August. High on my list of “things to do” is to visit as many Bonsai Artist in the UK as possible.

I would appreciate a reply with an address at which I can contact you with a more private communication.


30 10 2011
Cat Nelson


I am an American hobbyist who’s working on putting together a booklet on how to identify bonsai pottery, with a gallery of artist names and chop marks. I was curious if you’d be willing to send me a photo of the chop that you use for identifying your pottery? With permission to add it into my gallery? Any assistance would be greatly appreciate.


-Cat Nelson

7 11 2011
jason holland

Hi Dan I am looking to change one of my pots and was wondering if you could make it for me and post it if you can? i will send the dims

All the best UDDERS

9 11 2011

I’m sorry, do you have a shop where i can buy your pots?
Your pots are amazing!


18 11 2011

Most of my pots are made to commission for specific bonsai but I always have a large selection of accent pots at my home

11 04 2012

Requesting permission to use two of your container pics …. especially the one above — OMG!

I’m building a new bonsai pot page and will, of course, give you credit.

11 04 2012

Yep, that’s fine Mary.

cheers, Dan

3 07 2012
Andrew de Pomeroy-Legg


Please drop me an e-mail. I’d like to get soe pricing for a few of your lovely pots. I thought I’d posted a comment last weekend, but I don’t see it here, so this is a repost.



14 08 2012

Hi Dan,

Happy August to you! I would like to congratulate you on your impressive oeuvres. Your ongoing dedication towards plants, pots and bonsai as well as the quality and consistency of your work and photography are very inspirational and highly commendable.

I have showcased artists, gardeners and horticulturalists at the Potted Plant Society (http://pottedplantsociety.wordpress.com), which is an online community for sharing the joy and knowledge of growing potted plants creatively. I would be greatly honoured and many people would also be able to learn about and appreciate your oeuvres and talents if you could kindly grant me the permission to select some of your photos and feature them on the Potted Plant Society website.

Given that my preferences and aesthetic sense might not coincide with yours, perhaps you could also indicate to me which photos and/or pages you would prefer me to feature, should you wish to do so.

Thank you in anticipation.

Kind Regards,

14 08 2012

Thank you for your kind comments — feel free to use whichever images you like but I would appreciate a ‘credit’ from you and possibly a LINK to my web/blogsite.

cheers, dan

14 08 2012

Definitely, Dan. Thank you very much.

I consider you to be a very talented gardener and creative artist with a huge GREEN THUMB and a penchant for expressing in diverse media, forms and textures!

14 08 2012

thanks, dan

15 08 2012
Phil Presland

Hi Dan

I have a tree that i’m looking for a pot. am I able to send a image and sizes to get your advice.

17 08 2012
Peter Bruyns

Hi Dan

Greetings from a very cold and Wet Cape Town. Can you believe it is a year ago since I visited you?? Seems like time accelerates as one gets older! I am really enjoying your site – the pots are really gorgeous. I particularly like the “landscape rock with accessories” you made for the windswept spruce that is still in development. I am prefer pots that are not “conventional” but we do not have a source for those here.

Thanx for sharing your work and the inspiration it gives us all


12 01 2013
Kathy Coffman

Hello Dan,
Your pots are always so enjoyable to look at.I do not know if this website is active, and you will receive this message. I am coming to England in July, and would like to meet you. I am a friend of Chiara Padrini, and Elize Mann.
I live in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I am a potter and enjoy bonsai and suiseki.
I see you are in Bristol. Thanks!
Kathy Coffman

20 02 2013
Susie på Stjärnarve

Wow! What a wonderful pot!!
LOVE – Susie

4 03 2013
Mark Stevenson

Hi Dan,
Just bought a tree. Imagine my surprise (and joy) when i turned it over and saw your name on the bottom of the pot!! I’d love to know a bit more about it if possible please. It has the following inscription :
If specialisation is necessary and I need specialise
my speciality would be my specite.
O, that I were a man.
Hopefully that will jog a few memories
Look forward to hearing from you

2 04 2013
Nelson Coronel

Hello Dan,
I love your work and I’d like to know how i can order or buy some pots.
thanks in advance

20 06 2014
Andrea Meriggioli

Hi Dan, very nice web site, your pots are also amazing!
Please can you give me your email contact to ask about some info

6 12 2014
Dr Vijay

Hi Dan , I wonder if you remember me , Vijay Sahgal from Peterborough
We moved back to India 15 years ago
I had 5-6 of your pots which I cherished more than my life
Initaly we were in the North and 2 years ago we moved to Goa and you will not believe when I tell you that the movers broke all my pots amongst our wedgewood , denby etc etc
I am still doing my Bonsai and Sueseki collection ( to lay people it seems a mad guy collecting stones )
I heard that you had written a second book , please could you send me a copy ( after the payment of course )
Your first book you had autographed for me and it is well read and used as my bible
You are amongst a few people in life who leave an impact on one
Best wishes

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