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29 07 2009
A recently painted porcelain pot.
Inspired by Piet Mondrian
I really like this pot

You can find out a little more about me and my views on contemporary bonsai and bonsai pottery if you click on the URL below: http://artofbonsai.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2200 NB. If anyone needs to contact me, leave a message on the “Comment” box below and your message will be sent to my email address. Dan All of the Images and the text on this site is the copyright of Dan Barton © 2009 and must not be reproduced without his permission. Dan is very generous in giving permission so please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can do this by leaving an appropriate message/request in any of the ‘comments’ boxes at the bottom of each page.



6 responses

18 06 2020
James Norris

Are you creating your wonderful pots at the moment, would you undertake a commission for some accent pots.

22 06 2020

Not until Covid-19 Lock Down ends — but thanks for asking.

1 10 2020

I re-started making pots 2 weeks ago

3 10 2020

I only accept commissions for regular bonsai pots as I always have large stocks of accent potsat my home available for purchase and collect only — no mail orders — sorry

21 08 2020

I am looking at the 2020 pots page and am interested, How do I find the prices?

1 10 2020

I use this website to showcase my pots and other interests of mine — I do not sell from here which is why nothing is priced. I only sell from my home.

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