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29 07 2009
Very large pot commission

You can find out a little more about me and my views on contemporary bonsai and bonsai pottery if you click on the URL below: http://artofbonsai.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2200

NB. If anyone needs to contact me, leave a message on the “Comment” box below and your message will be sent to my email address. Dan

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19 responses

22 06 2020

Not until Covid-19 Lock Down ends — but thanks for asking.

2 07 2020
Dave Martin

Glad to see you have returned to your blog! About time, lol.

31 12 2020


21 08 2020

I am looking at the 2020 pots page and am interested, How do I find the prices?

1 10 2020

I use this website to showcase my pots and other interests of mine — I do not sell from here which is why nothing is priced. I only sell from my home.

28 09 2020
william burns

How do I find the prices and pot numbers on the web pages?

31 12 2020

Hi William, due to Covid-19 I am currently not selling any pots from my home. Also, the pots on my website are mostly pots that have already been sold and are only up for general viewing — sorry!

1 10 2020

I re-started making pots 2 weeks ago

3 10 2020

I only accept commissions for regular bonsai pots as I always have large stocks of accent potsat my home available for purchase and collect only — no mail orders — sorry

4 10 2020

Hi Dan,
I’m looking for a pot for my satsuki azalea bonsai. I live in St George, Bristol, and have been making enquiries with local potters and ceramicists, but none of those who’ve responded so far have been able to help. The pot would need to be roughly 30cm wide by 10cm deep – I have some other ideas regarding shape, glaze etc but am open to suggestions regarding design. Ideally I’d like to commission a pot to be made, but it’s not something I’ve done before and have no idea what it might cost. Alternatively, if you had a pot for sale that suited the tree then that would also be fantastic – I haven’t seen any of your pots in the flesh, but the photos I’ve seen look fantastic.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Best regards,

31 12 2020

Hi John, I do have a few pots that may be suitable for your azalea, but due to the current Covid-19 restrictions I’m unable to have anyone visit my home until it’s all over — sorry!

27 05 2021

Hi again John, now that the Covid restrictions have eased up a bit, you’re welcome to pay me a visit — PM me on Face Book for further info

7 10 2020
Philip Harvey

Dear Mr Barton,

Im new to bonsai. I love your work. Your book, the bonsai book is inspirational. The calendar and appendices condense several lifetimes worth of knowledge. They themselves are amazing.
In this I’ve found something again, which i may have lost,
thank you. Im 44 father of 2 lecturer. I wanted to let you know just how significant your work is to me. And how much i regard it.
Best wishes
Philip Harvey

31 12 2020

Thank you Philip, your comments are very kind and much appreciated — take care and stay safe, Dan

2 12 2020
Jerry Norbury

I’m really interested in the Mondrian pot – is this for sale Dan?
I had lessons with you in 1984, we spent time looking at a BBC model B together when I visited you in 1985 or so (damn it goes so fast) – so I’m not just some random bloke off the internet…

31 12 2020

Sorry Jerry, It was sold as soon as it posted.

27 05 2021
Philip Harvey

Good Morning Mr Barton,

I was wondering, al things being equal if i might be able to possibly come and buy a few pots? It would be in July probably as I need to be around home for the next 6 weeks or so after my wife comes home from hospital. Your books continue to stimulate and inspire.
I live in Durham so it’ll be a road trip for me. I hope to be able to chat with you about pots and trees.
Philip Harvey

1 08 2021

Hi Philip, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner — please PM me on my Face Book page and I’ll give you my email address for further info. Dan

1 08 2021

Hi Philip, Please can you let me have your email address Thanks,  Dan

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