accent plants page 5

flower for lob.S
Oxalis depressa flowers.S
Lampranthus species.S
Saxifraga fortunei 'Mount Nachi'.S
Satureja parnassica.S
Saxifraga cuscutiformis.S
Rhodoxis Hebron Farm 'Red Eye'.S
Rhodohypoxis Tetra Pink.S
Viola alba copy.S
Soldanella Spring Symphony.S
Lysimachia j. minutissima.S
Cymbalaria muralis copy
Lewisia colombiana.S
Iris chaemaeiris.SIris-cristata.S
Olsynium douglasii album.S
Lewisia nevadensis rosea.
Rh. Wild Cherry Blossom
Primula sp
Soldanella montana 1.S
Clematis 'Hythe Egret'.S
Anemonella thalictroides.S
Rhodohypoxis F 2.S
Rhodohypoxis 'Monty'.S
Rhodohypoxis 'Candy Stripe'.S
x Rhodoxis 14.S
Rhodohypoxis Deflexa.S
Rhodohypoxis 'Red-eye'.S
x Rhodoxis.S
Frageria 'Red Ruby'.S
Linaria alpinus.S
Chaenorhinum & Pratia.S
Erinus alpinus.S


One response

7 10 2009
Dave Martin

Another page of cracking accent pots!

It can only help to dispel the myth that “accent plants have nothing to do with bonsai” said by an ‘expert’ to a society in Southern England.

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