accent plants page 9.1

Corydalis seedling & Selaginella kraussiana.  copy

Isopyrum biternatum

Leptinella potentillina

Leptinella pyrethrifolia & Geranium

Linaria alpina

Muckdenia rossi 'Crimson Fans'

Ranunculus 'Molten Gold'

Ranunculus parnassifolius

Rhodohypoxis Lizz


Rhodohypxis Pat Lacey 1

Thalictrum sp 1

Viola brevisitipulata hidakana

Epimedium grandiflorum Red Beauty.



Dwarf fern growing in a crack in the rock
Another dwarf fern that dies off each autumn and reappears in the spring
Spiraea japonica in a Dansai pot grown from a cutting given to me over 45 years ago
Acyphila grow from seed given to me

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