Other artists’ bonsai in my pots page 4


Nathan Webb's Katsura in a specially commissioned pot for this tree.

Nathan Webb’s Katsura in a specially commissioned pot for this tree.


Maurice Davis's Korean Hornbeam.

Maurice Davis’s Korean Hornbeam.

Mac Sleet's fabulous oak bonsai in a pot I recently made for him.

Mac Sleet’s fabulous oak bonsai in a pot I recently made for him.





John Cotoggio’s rugged Rocky Mountain juniper

john lee trident.S

John Lee’s air-layered shohin size Trident Maple




Gavin Allen's hunky shohin/chuhin Cotoneaster

Gavin Allen’s hunky shohin/chuhin Cotoneaster

S. Beech.S

Malcolm Darbon’s beautiful Southern Beech (made from a cutting in the early 70’s)

Rachel Lang’s Hawthorn in a Dansai ‘special’

John Trott’s large Trident maple-over-rock in a bespoke pot with a new glaze recipe.

Davide Cardin’s Elm potted in a recently custom-built pot for the tree. I think it looks really good!

John Trott’s root-over-rock larch

A better picture of Mo Fagan’s beautiful hinoki cypress grown in the style of a literati English landscape Scots pine

Mo Fagan’s cascade Japanese black pine on a temporary stand. Unfortunately a friend knocked the pot over and it shattered into several pieces. I have made a replacement pot for Mo and hopefully he’ll have the tree repotted soon.

Ray Beddows — the original Azalea that was planted in this pot out grew it so Ray has planted a different tree in the pot.

A more recent picture than the one shown further down of Robin Jehan’s hawthorn in flower for the first time.

Robin Jehan’s elegant hawthorn in an early ‘high-fired’ earthenware pot of mine.

John Trott’s Shohin Berberis in a recently made ‘frog’ pot

Rear view of the tree above

John Cotoggio’s Hinoki cypress very recently repotted in one of my gun-metal/red ‘drum’ pots

Mark and Ritta Coopers delightful shohin trident maple over rock in a small pot with an ash glaze.

Michael Rehmans exquisite shohin needle juniper in a pot I gave him several years ago.

I made this pot for Carlos Van De Vaart several months ago for this mugo pine

Pedro Almeida’s Japanese cork bark black pine recently repotted into bespoke pot and now awaiting refinement.  The pot is un-decorated on the rear so it’s like having 2 pots in one!

Salvatore Liporaces fabulous Pinus mugo Cobra in an early mud-painting pot

Robins spruce in an early landscape pot

Mo Fagans cypress in primitive pot

Mark & Ritta Cooper’s Award winning white pine at the recent John Hanby Bonsai Exhibition. It took the Prize for the best Tree/Pot combination. Congrats to M & R

Ray Beddow’s azalea

Robin Jehan’s chuhin semi-cascade red hawthorn

Robin Jehan’s crabapple grown from seed

From Jean-Paul Polmans — Belgium

From Jean-Paul Polmans — Belgium

From Jean-Paul Polmans — Belgium

Robin Jehan’s elegant hawthorn in a very early ‘high-fired’ earthenware pot of mine.

From Jean-Paul Polmans — Belgium
I made this pot very recently for Jeremy Wheeler’s huge Yew bonsai

Tom Buchanan’s beautiful Elm in a pot I made for him a month ago — Oval pot with an off-white crackle glaze.

“Anon,s” Red crab apple in a Fai-Yaki pot

2 responses

9 02 2011
Robin Jehan

Hi Dan,

I have just been checking out your site AGAIN, and seeing some amazing trees in your beautiful pots is just wonderful, a joy for all of us to behold.

So I would like to encourage everyone with trees in Dan’s pots to send in their photos, so as we can enjoy their beauty too.

Thank you Dan, for sharing,


21 03 2021

Thanks Robin — I hope people will follow your suggestion

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